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Bauter system
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Applied Technology

BAUTER is a brand established in 2010 by Polish engineers. We manufacture and distribute modern thin film insulation systems for applications in industry, construction, refrigeration, heating and transportation.

Principle of operation

The BAUTER system is a range of unique thermal insulation products. Heat transfer takes place not only by conduction through partitions (wall, ceiling, etc.), but also by radiation. Thermal radiation, or infrared radiation is a fragment of electromagnetic radiation, of which an even smaller fragment is visible light radiation.

How does Bauter work?

BAUTER thermal insulation coating is created by properly selected resins and reflective thermal insulation material, giving rise to polymer microspheres.

Hollow spheres of 5-40 μm in diameter. Microspheres are in fact traps adapted to the dimensions of the wavelength of infrared and ultraviolet radiation. The light beam falling into such a trap is reflected several times and, as a result, is directed towards the entrance with almost no loss of energy.

The effectiveness isolating these waves is 93%

That is why BAUTER is decades ahead of popular thermal insulation materials, with only 0.5mm thickness.


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