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Bauter inside aislante termico

λ = 0.000056

R = 8.93 m2 x K/W

0.5 mm layer

Bauter Inside aislante casa


Thermo-reflective inner lining. Water-based dispersion for walls and ceilings, protects buildings internally with significant improvement of the thermal insulation properties of a heated room.

It is a matte coating that can be colored with a spectrum of 2500 of BAUTER inks. It´s structure allows an exceptionally aesthetic finish.

Creates a very flexible coating that corrects small cracks or microcracks on the surface of the wall and ceiling also preventing from new ones to form, further enhancing the aesthetic value.

Wraps up evenly, protecting against mold, bacteria and fungi.

Interior walls and ceilings in residential buildings, where heating in the fall / winter months or air conditioning in the summer can cause excessive spending.

Bathrooms and kitchens / swimming pools and saunas, with circulating hot air, exposed to high emissions of water vapor, where favorable conditions are created for the formation of mold and fungi. BAUTER INSIDE significantly reduces moisture condensation on the walls and eliminates thermal bridges, preventing the growth of mold and mildew. It is suitable for allergy sufferers.

Warehouses with large surfaces, reduces heat loss where very high walls make heating difficult. It also allows you to maintain an optimal temperature in the warm months, in which due to the specificity of these interiors, very high
temperatures often prevail.

Bauter outside aislante termico

λ = 0.000049

R = 10.20 m2 x K/W

0.5 mm layer

Bauter Outside aislante termico


Thermo-insulating and heat-reflective coating for facades. Ready-to-use water- based coating, intended for external application of the building on almost any material.

It is a matte coating that can be colored with a spectrum of 2500 of BAUTER inks. The structure allows an exceptional aesthetic finish.

Creates a very flexible coating that corrects small microcracks and prevents from new ones to appear.

Improves the energy balance of the building and decorate the facade.

Facades of residential buildings: single-family homes and apartment blocks. Facades of public services buildings. Any external facade.

The unique composition of the product helps to improve the energy balance of the building, reflecting the radiation of the isolated surface. In addition to thermal insulation properties, the coating provides heat-reflective properties that contribute to the resistance of facades at low temperatures. BAUTER system repairs micro-cracks in façade created by unfavorable atmospheric conditions.
Bauter roof aislamiento

λ = 0.000056

R = 8.93 m2 x K/W

0.5 mm - 1 mm layer

Bauter Roof Techos


Thermal reflective coating for ceilings. Water-based, easy-dispersible coating designed for protection applied to almost all roofing materials.

It is a matte coating that can be colored. The structure allows it to be extremely pleasant from the point of view of aesthetic finish. Creates a very flexible coating that corrects minor microcracks and does not allow new ones to form.

It greatly reduces the temperature of the ceiling surface, thanks to the presence of microspheres that trap light. It also improves the heat balance of the building, reflecting the radiation from the insulated surface.

■ Creates a waterproof membrane.
■ Limits surface heating of the ceiling.
■ Protects the roof.
■ Seals microcracks on ceiling surfaces.
■ Limits heating of the underside of the ceiling.
■ Reduces the “island effect”.
■ Thanks to the elastomer formula, the paint is very flexible and resistant to microcracks.
■ Eliminates the penetration of rainwater through the roof.
■ Prevents condensation below the ceiling surface.
■ Can be used for roof coverings such as: roofing felt/ceramic tiles/shingles and sheet metal.
BAUTER masa termica 320

λ = 0.000138

R = 14.5 m2 x K/W

1 mm layer

Bauter Thermal Mass


Thermal insulating, reflective, elastomeric, acrylic and polymeric mass. Ecological coating, prepared and intended for use on surfaces that reach temperatures of up to 320 °C.

BAUTER THERMAL MASS 320 provides a radical reduction in heat emission, in elements that cannot be thermally insulated with traditional methods. It reduces the outside temperature of the pipe by 100 – 150 ° C, taking into account a suggested layer of thermal insulation mass with a thickness of approximately 10 mm, superimposed on a surface with very high temperature, for example in conductive hot steam pipes.

■ Limits heat or cold loss during fluid transfer.
■ Protects exterior cladding against corrosion.
■ Washable and easy to maintain.
■ Resistant to mold and mildew.
■ Chemical resistant.
■ Thanks to the elastomer formula, the dough is highly flexible and resistant.
Bauter INVISIBLE aislamiento para monumentos

λ = 0.000056

0.5 mm layer

Bauter invisible aislante monumentos y arquitectura

BAUTER Invisible

The only ecological thermal insulating coating with thermo-reflective properties of the world, intended for the insulation of historic buildings and surfaces where it is necessary to maintain the original appearance.

The preservation and protection of monuments or objects of great cultural importance have recently attracted much interest among scientists. There is a growing interest in the development of new materials for use in protective fields.

BAUTER INVISIBLE is the world’s only environmentally friendly thermal insulation coating with thermo-reflective properties, intended for the insulation of historic buildings and surfaces where the original appearance needs to be maintained.

Heat reflective (up to 95 %), highly flexible (300 %) and vapor permeable (keeps surfaces free of moisture). Ensures maintenance and protection of materials against degradation.

Protection of facades of buildings and architectural monuments where other thermal insulation solutions (polystyrene, mineral wool) do not meet the criteria that maintain the historical values of urban planning (tenement houses, religious buildings and historic buildings and others).

Bauter WOOD aislante para madera

λ = 0.000049 - 56

0.5 mm layer

Bauter Wood aislante térmico de madera


Protective coating designed to protect wood structures against rain, mildew or other external factors.

Wooden facades, terraces, log walls, saunas, yacht decks, wooden shingles…

Classified as low VOC content, within the zero range. BAUTER WOOD is not only effective, but also safe for the environment.
■ Thermal insulation of wooden objects (external and internal coatings and finishes).
■ Eliminates micro-cracks thanks to its excellent flexibility and extensibility.
■ Significantly extends the service life of external wood elements, reducing their freezing and overheating.
■ Protects wood from inclement weather.
■ Provides excellent coverage while maintaining grain texture.

Bauter Hybrid Applicator Machine


Model name: MARTIAN 01

Max. Operating pressure in bar: 220 bar

Max tip size: 1 gun .019 ''

Max. Capacity in l/min: 4

Frame structure: Steel

Pressure tank: 40 l

Hose: 1/4" x 15


Type of gun: 4 fingers

Nozzle: 515 HEA or 515 FFLP

Gun filter: 60 mesh

Weight: 85 kg

Dimensions: 125/75/55

Customized Product

BAUTER adapts to the customer's needs. These types of solutions are designed individually, after understanding the your industry and needs. When ordering a product created just for you, can be sure that it will contain the parameters you need exactly.

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